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Compression Arthritis Gloves

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This pair of Compression Arthritis Gloves is a perfect everyday gloves. It is made of 85% cotton and 15% spandex. It utilizes mild compression to relieve pain in the wrists, palms, and fingers.

Protect your hands now by getting a reliable arthritis gloves.

  • Ideal for arthritis, hand fatigue, daily activities, or for just staying warm;
  • May reduce pain and alleviate hand stiffness;
  • Deliver lightweight support & protection to the wrist, hand, palm and associated soft tissue.
  • Open fingertips offer free motion and flexibility even when using electronic hand held devices.
  • Latex-free, washable and hygienic;
  • Help to improve circulation; and
  • Can be beneficial to computer users, draughtsmen, motorcyclists, machinists, painters, musicians, drivers, fishermen, sports people, carpenters, assembly workers, needle workers, gardeners.

Condition — Brand New, High Quality
Materials — Cotton
Type — Arthritis Gloves
Colour — Grey
Gender — Unisex

Package Includes: 1 Pair x Compression Arthritis Gloves

8 reviews for Compression Arthritis Gloves

  1. Karen W.

    These arthritis gloves saved me. After looking for solutions for almost a dozen of years, I can’t believe it took me this long to get these.

  2. Mari K

    I ordered both a medium and a small. My mother and I both have troubles with our hands. She’s been wearing hers at night with arnica gel and I wear mine while I’m crocheting with a peppermint/eucalyptus liquid, we both feel they are helping so we will order again!!

  3. P. Claire

    My hands & wrist are weak & very painful at times. These gloves are incredible!! They’re lightweight, comfortable & provide just the right amount of compression!! Love love love them!! It gives my hands the support needed to do everyday chores.

  4. Dusti w.

    I bought this product in June 2018 for severe pain and stiffness in my hands. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. These gloves are absoulutely fantastic! I bought the size small. They fit nicely, just enough compression, but not uncomfortable at all.

  5. Jenn b

    I’m extremely happy that I bought these! I really cannot stress enough how much these helped me.

  6. Nedai P

    hen the pain is severe in my hands, I litereally can’t move my fingers. AT ALL. Usually after wearing the gloves for the first part of the day I can clench my right hand, and partially the left and the pain is WAY WAY less than if I had not had them on.

  7. Joy M

    To be honest I have worn them for a day. I just received them. At first, it was very painful to wear. I guess my hands were hurting really bad. I slept through the the night and my hands feel so good right now. The pressure from these goes from the wrist to fingertips. First time in my life I needed something like this, but I type, braid hair, etc and everything u do requires using your hands…it will take some getting use to but after one night, my hands feel so much better

  8. Diaz D

    They bring me comfort and I love them. I’ve ordered for several others who love them and see that they work for their issues. I plan on continuing to use them and will purchase another set as well.

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