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What Are Arthritis Gloves?

Arthritis gloves are special types of gloves which help improve blood circulation in the hands and wrists and help reduce soreness, pain, and inflammation of finger joints and hand muscles. They utilize either or both light compression and magnetic therapy to provide relief to people who suffer from arthritis and those who are prone to hand fatigue and carpal tunnel syndrome. They are also perfect for protecting your hands and keeping them warm during cold days.

Common Features of Arthritis Gloves

Arthritis gloves are usually made with durable, stretchable, skin-friendly, and breathable material which comfortably compresses the hands while regulating temperature and allowing sufficient mobility and flexibility.

Arthritis gloves are also typically fitted with nubs, which help improve grip and make the gloves perfect for any task. Some variants also have magnetic nubs placed at key areas of the hand to boost circulation and keep joints and muscles healthy.

The products available in the market typically vary in quality, design, features, material, size, and colour. Arthritis Gloves Australia only offer high-quality arthritis gloves and below is a simple guide in choosing which product is best for you:

Compression Arthritis Gloves. This product, the perfect everyday gloves, is made of 85% cotton and 15% spandex and fitted with hundreds of gripping nubs at the palms. It utilizes mild compression to relieve pain in the wrists, palms, and fingers. It is available in grey and has the following sizes (measurements are based on the width of the palm behind the knuckles):

  • Small (8 cm)
  • Medium (9 cm)
  • Large (10 cm)

Magnetic Arthritis Sleeve. This product, which is made of elastic silicone gel, focuses on supporting your wrists, thumb, and lower palm. Making use of both mild compression and magnetic therapy, it has built-in magnets and ventilation holes to promote blood circulation and ensure maximum comfort. This product, which may be worn in either left or right hand, is available in beige and has one size only, 13.6 cm x 7 cm (L x W). The product is stretchable so its size is surely suitable for a wide range of palm widths.


Why Use Arthritis Gloves? Here Are Reasons Why You Should

A good pair of arthritis gloves will give you all-day comfort and protection from joint and muscle pain caused by arthritis and overworked hands. It is also effective in preventing inflammation, soreness, and spasms due to the magnetic therapy and warmth it provides. Long-term use of this product will help you maintain the dexterity of your hands and fingers and enable you to put in more productive hours of manual or physical work.

People who suffer from arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome have proven and tested the effectiveness of this product and it will surely do even more wonders to people experiencing intermittent, relatively milder pain.

Arthritis gloves greatly help in keeping your wrists, finger joints, and palms pain-free and they help minimize the risk of developing more advanced hand, joint, and muscle ailments.

Put an end to the inconvenience caused by arthritis and hand fatigue and compress away the extreme pain using our ergonomically designed arthritis gloves!

Caring for Your Arthritis Gloves

Our arthritis gloves repel bacteria and odor but you need not worry if your pair gets soiled because they are easy to clean and maintain. The compression arthritis gloves and the magnetic arthritis gloves may be machine-washed using mild soap and air-dried. On the other hand, the magnetic arthritis sleeve can be simply soaked in mild soap solution and gently wiped dry. Heavy washing, which may cause the gripping nubs and magnetic nubs to come off, is not advisable.

For more cleaning and maintenance tips, reading the care instructions in the product package is highly recommended.

Guaranteed Best Price 

The price of gloves differs according to the sizes that suit your need. It is important to note that buying one must surely provide mild compression for warmth that increases blood circulation, which ultimately reduces pain and promotes healing, thus giving you greater satisfaction when using it. You may see cheaper deals elsewhere, but we assure you that what we offer is worth and the quality material it is made of is worth every dollar spent. Most importantly, it is sold at guaranteed the best price!


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